Who We Are

Our amazing team of volunteer ambassadors (bka activists) are committed to advocating for anti-racism, non-discrimination, equity, equality and inclusion from where they stand. We focus on making the maximum positive effort in our personal and work lives for the uplifting of our community. Bee BRAVE members and volunteers walk the talk to provide the momentum that helps us effect changes. We don’t consider ourselves special, we’re just humans who take our personal convictions and turn them into action. Expect candor with positive intent concerning conversations about racism and the continued fight for racial equity and social justice. Get onboard and let’s be the change we need in the world!

Our History

Critical conversations about racism seem to always ebb and flow over time. Seeing a need for energetic, nonprofit work in this area, we formed our community in 2021 to provide in a safe space, opportunities for self-awareness and sensible solutions for connecting those who believe in the possibility of a more compassionate society and ending racism, one heart at a time.

Our Mission

Using a little phrase with a big meaning, hoping to make a huge impact! The Bee BRAVE Movement is a call to action to promote racial harmony, equity and social justice through personal empowerment. We believe in advocating for anti-racist awareness, allyship, action, and accountability. Bee BRAVE provides practical tools and tips for being anti-racist, inclusive and denouncing racism. The purpose of Bee BRAVE is not to simplify racism, its constructs, past or present, but to take a grassroots approach by applying everyday meaningful thought processes and actions to increase understanding, compassion and empathy thereby improving relationships between the various races and ethnic groups. We strive to be an uplifter of humanity by providing a space for people to learn and contribute and make the world a little less racist every day.