Bee BRAVE Ambassador

What does a Bee BRAVE ambassador, advocate or ally do? You understand the assignment to be inclusive and antiracist in your daily life. You demonstrate BRAVE calls to action and tools and tips. You spread the word, wear or display the Bee BRAVE merchandise, follow or tag us and share the website. You’re kind to people regardless of their race, and you talk to people about the need for unity and an increase racial harmony, equity and social justice.   “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” 

Our Principals

  1. Don’t be racist.
  2. Treat each human with dignity and respect.
  3. Learn how to provide and hold space (less judgment) for people of different races, colors and ethnicities.
  4. Invite someone to Bee BRAVE.

Start where you are: in your home, your job, your family settings, your networks – anyone who will listen and encourage them to get onboard. Bee BRAVE is a mindset and it’s just about being more self-aware for each of us, and building a more compassionate society – together.

Whether you’re bold and brazen, loud and proud as someone who wants to take a stand, somewhat on the sidelines or just beginning your journey with anti-racism, we’re here for it. Be a Bee BRAVE ambassador, advocate and ally, and let your courage be contagious and shine through all the darkness and noise of racism, prejudice, bias and discrimination. Remember, for every action you don’t take to heal racism, a prejudiced or racist person is working overtime to perpetuate it. The urgent anti-racist work you do matters now and in the future.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to stand up to hate and choose to love on your fellow humans, especially when it’s unpopular. We would be so proud to have you onboard and help make the world a little more inclusive every day! Let’s Bee BRAVE. Together.

Kind regards,
The Bee BRAVE Advisory Team