Bee BRAVE Pledge

I will do one thing each day, each week, each year to intentionally demonstrate antiracism and Bee BRAVE.

We believe each of us, no matter who we are or where we come from, is responsible for our own humanity and accountable for how we treat others with whom we share our planet. The purpose of Bee BRAVE is not simplify racism or its constructs, past or present, but to take a grassroots and personal approach to inspiring a willingness to apply everyday meaningful concepts and actions to increase understanding, compassion, empathy and acceptance, and in doing so improving relationships between the people of different races, ethnic groups and cultures.

Bee BRAVE calls to action are written from the perspective of people who have lived the experience of racism as a BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color – refers to members of nonwhite communities), have been directly impacted or harmed or know someone impacted or harmed by racism, whether personally or systemically, and those who are walking the talk in allyship. Bee BRAVE is here for those who want to develop positive actions towards antiracism to empower themselves and others to improve race relations in their households, communities, cities, states and around the world. Don’t think of it as homework, but as lifework. Being antiracist and an ally-in-action is a lifelong commitment to increasing racial harmony, equity and equality to cultivate a safer and better world.

There is recovery from racism through intentional antiracism. Forgive your past and be intentionally inclusive, unbiased, non-discriminatory, and learn to let go of habits of bigotry, prejudice and hatred because of a person’s color, culture or heritage. We are not perfect humans, but we can be better humans and take responsibility for creating a better community that works together to coexist. Anyone can make a choice to be racist or to be antiracist. Let’s make the choice to “bee” better humans. Remember, anything gets better with practice and sometimes it’s ordinary people that make history.

Call to Action

We encourage you to Bee BRAVE and…

  • show love and kindness to children who are black, brown, indigenous or other races; they carry your kindness, disdain or hatred a lifetime
  • accept that you’re privileged and commit to using it for the good and sake of others
  • actively listen to a voice that is not your own – about their experience with racism
  • apologize when you should
  • ask questions
  • ask what the need is before you jump in to help
  • assess your spaces and identify opportunities to be inclusive and diverse
  • attend cultural events that raise awareness in your community
  • be actively and intentionally inclusive
  • be an ally in action – for life
  • bee BRAVE and keep going!

For tools, tips, and actions you can take at home, school, work, protests/rallies/marches, your community, and anywhere check out the attachments below. There’s also a bonus section containing suggestions for evolving our mindsets that relate to being a more intentional antiracist and inclusive human.

Thanks for all that you do to be a part of the solution. Keep the change!